Saturday, February 21, 2015

Agema in control!

Make no mistake about it - crazy racist, homophobic and xenophobic National Committeeman has tremendous power in the Michigan GOP. Agema made his stand with two time violent criminal Darwin Jiles, Jr. to gain the "Ethnic" vice chairman position. It was very clear that Jiles commanded this race and enjoyed the full support of Agema's Army. Jiles made a point to personally thank Agema in his victory speech. If Agema were to run for reelection to his post, he would win.


Put a fork in it, done.

Another public vote, brought to you by me

Second round vote for admin vice chair, I voted for Guzman

Gun grabbers win with Jiles!

The gun grabbing Democrats in Michigan will point to our election of scumbag gun criminal to a party leadership position. Good job, Agema supporters.

And the winner is...

This convention just elected gun criminal Darwin Jiles, Jr. as criminal vice chair, he thanked Dave Agema. Oh, Ronna won.

Thanks Bobby Schostak for being a great leader!

The convention is now honoring outgoing Chairman Bobby Schostak, arguably the most effective GOP chairman in Michigan history. Not that the collective freak show understands that. I love that they included Greg McNielly in the tribute video - the anti gay marriage delegates let loose with an audible gasp!

Secret ballot my ass!!!

Because I find the notion of a secret ballot at a political convention to be absurd, I'm posting my completed ballot for all to see!

Photobombed by Former State Rep. Pete Lund

Former State Rep. Pete Lund photobombed my photo with outgoing GOP chairman Bobby Schostak.

The voting has begun!

As an inferior at this party, I must wait in the back until all the delegates vote before I know if I'll be elevated and allowed to vote. I'll sit here and protect the delegates from ISIS and smart meters while I listen to the cool jazz playing over the public address.

The (as yet) unquoted GOP president.

These candidates keep quoting only two Republican presidents when Chester A. Arthur clearly had the best quote of any standard bearer of the Grand Old Party: "I may be president of the United States, but my private life is nobody's damned business." - Chester A. Arthur

Didn't he have a copy of "Cold Ethyl?"

As far as the convention lunatics are concerned, Chris Arndt could not have picked a worse guy to nominate him for Administrative Vice Chair than State Senator Mike Kowall. They are booing the senator and muttering "tool of the Establishment" (a theme this weekend). Chris' pick of "I want to be Elected" by Alice Cooper for his campaign song is appropriate.

Darwin Jiles campaign song: "Happiness is a Warm Gun"

Darwin Jiles, Jr. plays his campaign video for Ethnic Vice Chair. He just plead to a gun crime after he shot somebody, and is now stating how he can reach out to the inner cities and gain GOP votes. Everybody duck, Darwin is in the house - Bang Bang, Shoot Shoot.

Dutch is back from the grave!

I thought that President Ronald Reagan was dead, but he just came back to endorse Norm Hughes on a video.

Observations from last night

When outgoing Chairman Bobby Schostak stopped by to address our caucus, he wasn't virtually ignored. He was absolutely ignored. But, how else would delegates treat the most successful state party chair in Michigan GOP history?

Overheard by tinfoil lined hat crackpot while waiting to vote: "They keep telling us to get along. I'm not getting along with them, they have to listen to us now." Sister Crackpot, somewhere Rodney King is weeping at your lack of cooperation.

One of the candidates for state committee actually campaigned for the position by advocating jury nullification. Hmmm.

Word from the 8th Congressional District Caucus is that Tea Party extremists Bruce Little engineered the takeoff of the committee last night. This, in a district with an actual republican representing them in congress. God help Mike Bishop, something I'd never thought I would say.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Norm Hughes - The REAL inventor of the light bulb!

Norm Hughes, candidate for State GOP Chairman, just let us know how Republicans started losing presidential elections in Michigan when he stopped "running" those campaigns. Surely that Edison guy had nothing to do with the light bulb - Michigan only became electrified when Norm took the project over.

Hands off my Third Amendment rights!

The candidates for State Committee are discussing ( in a very loud voice) about the Bill of Rights. The State Committee doesn't do much with the Bill of Rights, but they don't seem to care!

Wardrobe malfunction in the 9th District!

The new Chairwoman of the 9th GOP District gave an acceptance speech where she talked about her dress zipper coming undone during her nomination speech. Janet Jackson would be proud!

Let them eat cake!

Or let me eat cake. The sole joyful moment for this shunned fat man.

First GOP buzzword of the evening!

Just had the first mention of ISIS of the evening. Can vaccinations and smart meters be far away? There must be a checklist...

The selfie stick is a thing!

The selfie stick is a thing. We are here to seek revenge! It is like a light saber, wielding justice in the Republican Party.

They are elevating me to delegate!

They are elevating me to delegate because this event is wildly unpopular. They had to go way down the list to get to me. This is the proudest moment of my life!

The love for the governor is coming out

As the speakers are savaging his proposed tax plan this May 5th.

They just sang the worst rendition of...

Happy Birthday that I have heard in a long time. Tell me that there are somewhere Republicans able to sing in tune, none are here.

Gun criminal Darwin Jiles, Jr. Is working the 9th District!

Darwin Jiles, Jr., candidate for Ethnic Vice Chair and self confessed gun criminal must have the permission of his probation officer to come to Lansing and work the room for votes. I wonder if his idol, Dave Agema, will host a party for him later tonight.

In the back of the room!

Alternates must sit behind people at the Michigan GOP Convention!

I'm forced to wear my suspect status...

I'm forced to wear my suspect class status around my neck at all times. I wonder where they came up with that idea?

Norm Hughes shows off his "big boy room"

(1980) Presidential candidate, Gov. Ronald Reagan and wife Nancy tour a local group home for the "pathologically boastful." Resident Norm Hughes (L) proudly shows the governor his "big boy room."

What will Norm show us tomorrow at the convention? "Internal Polling" shows that he is leading, but that might just be the results of a recent colonoscopy. Stay tuned...

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snyder signs Michigan over to Sharia Law

Governor Snyder, in what amounts to a clear invitation to ISIS to establish Sharia Law in communities beyond the City of Dearborn, signed an executive order turning us over to a caliphate. Sellers of Burkas note brisk sales this morning...

Greetings from alternate #24

After working on GOP campaigns for over 30 years, the local GOP leaders have decided to make me alternate #24 (meaning 23 other alternates will be seated ahead of me if that number of delegates are no shows). Since ISIS, Vaccines, Gay Marriage, Chemtrails and Smart Meters are the order of the day in the Michigan GOP, I will spend all of my free time as an alternate protecting those hardworking delegates from the threats posed by each. I will be chronicling my experiences for those not brave enough to face these dangers circling around the Lansing Center.