Saturday, February 21, 2015

Observations from last night

When outgoing Chairman Bobby Schostak stopped by to address our caucus, he wasn't virtually ignored. He was absolutely ignored. But, how else would delegates treat the most successful state party chair in Michigan GOP history?

Overheard by tinfoil lined hat crackpot while waiting to vote: "They keep telling us to get along. I'm not getting along with them, they have to listen to us now." Sister Crackpot, somewhere Rodney King is weeping at your lack of cooperation.

One of the candidates for state committee actually campaigned for the position by advocating jury nullification. Hmmm.

Word from the 8th Congressional District Caucus is that Tea Party extremists Bruce Little engineered the takeoff of the committee last night. This, in a district with an actual republican representing them in congress. God help Mike Bishop, something I'd never thought I would say.

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